Making Soft, Energized Water with Incredible Performance

Wetter Water! Better Water! Naturally!!


  • Increases yields 10-33%
  • Increases water absorption and permeation
  • Prevent and reverse mineral scale buildup

  • Reduces water usage up to 20 – 30%

  • Reduces fertilizer, pesticides, & chemical inputs

  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Mellows soil and balances pH

  • Reduces and eliminates salts


“My baby spinach yield was over 35% higher with the Omni unit.
It gave me uniformity of seed germination so I could harvest
all at the same time.”

Wayne Gularte, , Rincon Farms, Gonzales, CA
“I started with hesitation, thinking the units would be in the way of the water. As soon as I put this system on, I noticed my pressure dropped and immediately had better water flow. With drought conditions here in Kansas, my neighbors said my corn should be burned up by now… yet we’re still going strong.

You need to come down here at the end of harvest so we can share this with our farming community”.

Larry Unruh, , Western Kansas Corn Farmer, Summer 2011
“It’s been one of the coldest, darkest springs I can remember but I can’t believe how our perennials are propagating in the Maximum H2O treated greenhouse. It’s unbelievable”.
Vince Tarantino, , Tarantino Nurseries, King City, Spring 2013
“Our farm used a 2” unit to fill the spray tank and we noticed that herbicides are much more effective. We saw weeds controlled that were not even on the label and those which were had much higher control than normal, it’s dramatic! The unit paid for itself more than once within the first season of use in the reduction of chemicals used”.
Wayne Berg (Agronomist), , Winkler, MB
“Our turkeys we went from a 1.92 feed conversion ratio to a 1.80 just from watering the birds with the Maximum H2O system. The unit paid for itself in the first 16 weeks due to the reduction of feed required.”.
Gary Wurz, , Mialta Farming Co Ltd, Vulcan AB
“The water in our dairy barn cleans so much better after installing the Maximum H2O system. We save a lot of time in wash down and cleaning equipment and we are not seeing any buildup of scale or minerals ever after 1 year of use. It worked so well that we decommissioned our water softener altogether.”.
- Jeanette Van de Bruinhorst, , Jerri Jen Farms, Noble, AB